We are delighted to present our extensive color chart, meticulously prepared to display our colors as accurately and vividly as possible. Each masonry block on our chart has been physically stained to ensure you see the true beauty and depth of our hues. Potassium Silicate coatings can come out lighter when brick staining, so we wanted to illustrate the actual end result, as close as possible. Our color chart features our most popular selections, along with a variety of additional shades, showcasing the warm and vibrant colors we can produce in-house. We strive to offer a comprehensive array of options to suit any project or preference.

In addition to our in-house colors, we also use the NCS and RAL fan decks, providing even more color choices. For an additional charge, we can color match to Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore colors, ensuring you have the perfect shade for your project. Explore our colors and find the perfect match for your masonry staining needs!


More Than 1000 Colors for Every Taste

🎨 Dive into a Palette of Possibilities!

With an astounding 2574 colors at your fingertips, the world of color is yours to explore! 🌟 We’re confident that we’ll assist you in discovering the perfect hue for your upcoming project, be it an interior transformation or an exterior masterpiece.

Unlock the Power of Pastels! 🌸 Our Photocatalytic Coatings bring a touch of magic to your surfaces, embracing a stunning array of pastel colors. 🎆

Keep in mind, though, that colors may vary based on the substrate and the product, adding a touch of uniqueness to each project. 🏡✨ 

We can color match (Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore colors)

Examples of custom Brick Stain Samples 

Slate/Silver - Mortar Alabaster

Slate/Silver - Mortar Silver and Grey in various sections

Slate/Silver - Mortar Grey