Welcome to Midwest Brick Stain, your go-to destination for top-notch Brick Stain, Masonry repair and painting services. Proudly serving Chicago, Southeast Wisconsin, Indiana, and Northeast Florida, we bring craftsmanship and excellence to every project. Transform your space with our expertise in Brick Staining and Masonry, making your surroundings a testament to quality and durability. Supporting our company helps support our family owned business and promotes masonry preservation, using breathable eco-friendly products.  Your business helps us spread our mission on preserving exterior breathable products. Our Mineral Stains are all breathable and Eco-Friendly. Our goal is to prevent latex/acrylic and elastomeric paint from being installed on any masonry.  

A Little Staining History

Brick staining is an old age concept that has been in use for hundreds of years. Back in the 18th century, bricks in England got a diluted cow dung coat to encourage algae and lichen growth and facilitate the aging of bricks. To enhance this coat, the method also included milk or yogurt. About 150 years ago, builders also coated bricks with a mixture of water and soot.  

The only drawbacks in these methods were the fact that the end color was not precise and the durability was not predictable.  Sometime towards the end of the 1800s, Bavarian King Ludwig ordered scientists to come up with a paint that would weather the country’s winters. This led to silicates discovery.  When used properly, these stains changed the color of buildings and lasted through many winters. Since this discovery, a lot has been added to the original invention and ensured that the stain lasts for over 20 years. There are some buildings in Europe that got stained over 100 years ago and still retain the color without maintenance over the years.

Why Potassium Silicate Stains?
UV Protection: Shield your surfaces from the sun’s harsh rays with our Potassium Silicate stains. UV protection ensures that your colors stay vibrant and your surfaces remain beautiful for the long haul. Unlike Standard paints, Mineral Stains will not deter or decay, as standard paints will.
Breathability: Let your surfaces breathe! Our stains allow for optimal breathability, preventing moisture buildup and protecting against issues like chipped paint, bubbling of paint, including decay of masonry caused by excess moisture.
Highly Alkaline (pH 11-12): We’ve amped up the alkalinity to 11-12 pH levels for unmatched durability. This high alkaline content ensures resistance against mold and mildew build up.
Natural Look: Embrace the beauty of nature! Our Potassium Silicate stains offer a natural look, enhancing the intrinsic charm of your surfaces rather than covering it up, with latex, acrylic or elastomeric plastic.
Fire Repellent: Safety first! Our stains come with fire-resistant properties, adding an extra layer of protection to your masonry.
“Don’t Paint It, Stain It” – The Midwest Brick Stain Mantra
We live by a simple yet powerful rule – “Don’t Make It Cheap, Make It Better.” And that philosophy extends to our Potassium Silicate stains. Why settle for a temporary solution when you can invest in a lasting, high-quality finish?

Real People – Real Reviews

I never thought my house would ever look this beautiful, Thank you guys for the amazing job and helping with choosing the right staining for the house. Everyone is saying I got my house demolished and built afresh overnight. I highly recommend Midwest Brick Stain.

Brad, Homeowner

Our house is a 120-year-old historic masterpiece made of bricks. The technicians handled it with all the care it deserves and gave us the best staining work we have ever seen. They gave us samples and previous jobs pictures to help us decide on the best color and whatever we decided came out even better than we thought. We will be using these services again.

Pete & Lynn, Homeowner

Very fast services. They are professional and know what they are doing. They did not waste any time and handled the job perfectly. After the task was done, they cleaned and left the house changed and cleaner than it was. The best brick staining services around.

Joe, Homeowner

We combine aqueous based chemicals and pigments to achieve the darkening, lightening and color change effect. The tinting will not affect the natural breathing of the surface and thus will not interfere with the durability of the actual surface.

Our staining process is not a surface coat or a surface treatment, it penetrates the surface and permanently changes the color. This color is durable and resistant to UV and frost will not affect it in any way.

Our staining chemicals naturally discourage the growth of algae and fungi. The stains work perfectly on precast, stone, concrete, mortar joints, and brick. If you have a masonry surface that can absorb water, it can effectively take the stain.

We use silicate stains to change the color, lighten, or darken, mortar joints, stone and bricks. We handle every job professionally because we know that each job site has specific needs. Though we use high quality materials and products, the quality alone cannot guarantee a great finish. This is why we only work with highly qualified technicians who have vast experience in brick staining. They can handle any staining job and provide a range of attractive colors on different surfaces.

Transforming Your Brick: A Comprehensive Brick Stain Process

Step 1: Check Absorbency for Brick Stain

The initial step in the brick staining process involves assessing the brick’s absorbency. We meticulously examine the surface to determine how porous it is, helping us tailor the staining approach for optimal results.

Step 2: Check for Moisture Before Brick Staining

Moisture content is crucial for a successful staining application. Our experts conduct thorough moisture checks to ensure the bricks are adequately dry, preventing any issues with adhesion or discoloration.

Step 3: Apply an Appropriate Primer for Brick Stain

Applying the right primer is a critical preparatory step. Our team selects and applies a primer suitable for your specific brick type, enhancing the bonding capacity of the stain and ensuring a lasting, vibrant finish

Step 4: Apply Our Premium Brick Stain

Our meticulous application of premium brick stain, chosen for quality and eco-friendliness, seamlessly integrates with the brick surface, ensuring durability, UV protection and breathability.

At Midwest Brick Stain, we prioritize each step to deliver a flawless brick staining experience, enhancing the beauty and longevity of your architectural elements. Trust us to bring your vision to life through our expertise and commitment to excellence in brick stain services.

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